Street Art. Day 10... Last Day :-(

Today was a sad day... The class was over...  We had to say goodbye... 

This were two amazing weeks...!! I made three wonderful friends... And I learned a lot from Daniel. I learned a lot about cooperation and working on the streets.
I LOVED this summer class..!

 We finished everything  today, the nun was really proud of what we did on the wall.  She ordered pizza for us.. !! She was really nice...

We ended at 6 p.m. ... it was early because we had dinner at Kaplan´s place. Btw the dinner was great!! =D 

Thanks to Daniel and all my classmate for this wonderful experience. =) 


Street Art. Day 10

Today was the penultimate day.... Today we said goodbye to Candice :-(.... today we worked a lot!! 
We had a busy day today... As usual the sun was killing us..!! 

we painted all the drawings that were in the wall.. so tomorrow we are going to draw some other to finish with the wall. It has been exciting and exhausting!! 

Today i realized i had an awsome tan.!! Here you have a demonstration of how much it is.  I guess this is part of the street art... :-)

Ahhhh Thanks to Daniel for the gifts!! I love it!!!!!!!!! 


Street Art. Day 9

We started earlier today, at 8:30 a.m., so we can take more advantage of the morning. 
The morning was HOTTER than the others... !!  But we did a pretty good job.
As usual we came back to Chavon for lunch. But this time we left to La Romana earlier than before. In our way to La Romana we realized that it was raining a lot down there, and when we arrived to the wall we found all our cardboards and paint buckets  full of water...!! 

We fixed everything and then we started painting again... 
Unfortunately later in the afternoon the rain came again... so the water washed away all the fresh paint. While it was raining the nun invited us to have a snack...!!  It was really good =) ...
When we went outside we found a mess!! But as usual... we found the way to fix it! 
We worked till 7:30 today, so it was a long.. but unusual and fascinating day!  

At night we went to Daniel's place for dinner... We had a great time there...!! The dinner was delicious (Thanks!! :D) and we saw all the pictures and videos from the past two weeks.


Street Art. Day 8

Our wall is coming alive!! 
Today was an exciting day, we started adding some colors to our wall. We left to town at 9 a.m. 
We worked a lot even though the sun was practically killing us.
We came here to Chavon at 12p.m. to have lunch and some rest.

We went back to La Romana at 3.  It was cloudy, and that was good for us... 
so we took advantage of the afternoon. It was a pretty good day.


Street Art. Day 7

We started painting our wall today!!! =)
 It was a really good beginning... We sketch the all morning till 2. Then we came to Chavon to have lunch and a nap of course! :D
We went down to La Romana at 3:00. This time Daniel wasn't there (He had to go for his fiance to the airport). 
We started painting the white base in all the sketches we did in the morning. That's everything we did today.
We have a lot of work to do... but is gonna be COOL... if the sun let us work!! 


Street Art. Day 6 (Extra day.. beach day... sunday)

Today we decided to go to the beach. We went to Bayahibe. Unfortunately Hermes and Alejandro couldn't make it, cuz they had R.A. stuff to do today. The drawing Professor, Carlos Montesino, was there we us too. It was a really HOT day, but it was cool.

We walked a lot, we checked some stores there and we had lunch there too.

After arriving to Chavon at 5:15 Daniel asked us to go to the lab at 7:30 so we can organize the wall. 


Street Art. Day 5

Today in the morning we went to "The cave of the wonders" (La Cueva de las maravillas) to appreciate the taino's painting. It was really cool... Also we saw a crab and bats inside the cave. And outside we saw a really cool caterpillar, and now we are thinking about adding a caterpillar and a crab in the wall.

                                     So here is the caterpillar :D

When the tour inside the cave was over, Sarah realized that her necklace was gone. So she went back inside the cave with the tour guy and Daniel to look for it. Unfortunately she didn't find it inside the cave. She was kind of sad.
After leaving the cave we went to Pizzareli for lunch and guess what? Sarah found the necklace in her bag!!.. LOL  EVERYTHING HAPPEN FOR A REASON =)


Street Art. Day 4

We started the day by  sketching our characters and making them even better that what we did yesterday. We worked with this till lunch. We had a 45 minutes lunch today, because it was a very busy day for us cause of the presentation we had at 7 p.m.  

After lunch we worked in the lab designing our wall the all afternoon. Everyone made a different wall, but everyone used the same pieces (the ones we created in the studio). All the walls were AMAZING... 

At 7 we had this presentation in front of the entire school and they voted for the wall the wanted to see on the street. It was a surprise for me that my wall was the one chose. After voting we saw " Beautiful Losers" it was a pretty good movie.



So.. This is our WALL!!

Street Art. Day 3

Today was a LONG but interesting day. 
Early in the morning we went to the church area to look for some patterns, we had 1 hour to look for them and take pictures of the patterns we found. My partner was Hermes. We found some  really cool patterns!!

When the hour was over we went to the lab to update our blogs and upload the pictures. Then we went to the classroom to work with stencils. We made designs and sketchs with our stencils till lunch.
In the afternoon we continued working with our stencils... we made a really nice wall with all the designs from the stencils. When the class was over Daniel gave us the news... We have EXTRA classes today.. LOL.. It was from 6 to 9 p.m.. But it was really cool we created some new characters for our mural in La Romana and we worked in the concept.  


Street Art. Day 2

Mmmm Today was a really nice and exhausting day in class. In the morning we started working with some pieces on wood or 
cardboard. First one person has to do the background and another one have to finish it with the foreground.  We worked with this till lunch. 

In the afternoon we went down into town. Over there we talked to some local artists and sign painters @ Bomana. After the really interesting talk that we had with those artist (about the culture and history of sign painting in the city), Norberto Uribe (a traditional artist) gave us a "tour" showing us the street art of La Romana (legal and ilegal), then he brought  us to his galery were we found some interesting paintings. 


Street Art. Day 1

Resulta y viene al caso que de un dia para otro me involucre con un curso de 2 semanas en Chavon. Me llamaron el sabado pasado a ver si me interesaba, y sin perdir muchos detalles acepte.
Bueno ayer cuando llegue a la residencia fue que supe de que se trataba todo. And I love it!
El curso se llama "Street art in the Caribbean".  Creo que el titulo de este lo dice todo. Saldremos al pueblo de La Romana y pintaremos un muro. Dejaremos una huella de lo que fue este curso.
El curso viene de Parsons y nada mas somos 7 estudiantes :-D 4 Chavoneros y 3 de Parsons. Es mas bien un "intercambio cultural" entre nosotros. Daniel Weiss es nuestro profesor por estas dos semanas.   Hasta ahora solo tengo tres horas en el curso  y estoy muy excited about it! 

En la clase de la tarde nos dedicamos a pintar dos paneles que se encontraban en el aula de bellas artes. Fue todo improvisado y  en colaboracion. Fue bastante interesante y el resultado fue bastante bueno.  

Aqui le dejo algunos links de lo que he visto hoy
  • http://banksy.co.uk
  • http://blublu.org


I really need IT?

Of course I know, I've been thinking about it for so long now. 
I need it. I need emotions, I need that feeling, I really  NEED it.
I need a relationship.

The thing is... can I handle it? 


"I spent the night inside myself 
But I haven't found me yet"

Shadow Of Angels by Building 429